The future of
Human Performance

By studying the athlete’s physiology and DNA, we uncover the individual roadmap to peak performance, what can make or break the athlete and what is needed to tap into superhuman potential.

“Insanity is expecting better results from the same approach. It is time to step forward into the future of human performance and embrace what makes everyone great: our uniqueness.”

We are a
scandinavian team
of coaches and high performers

Life Hackers Organization TM is packed with highly professional experts in high performance for athletes, with many years
of experience in the field, and each with the specific knowledge for the individual need. We only use evidence based tools
from both biochemistry, psychology, neuroscience, biomedicine and mental training in high performance.

Dorthe Hummel

Holistic Performance Coach, CEO and Founder of Life-Hackers Org. TMDorthe has helped and guided business leaders and sports athletes in nutrition and health for more than 25 years, with a background in Sports Nutrition, DNA therapy and high performance coaching

Miguel Damas

CEO and Clinical Director and of Cristina Sales – Functional Medicine®
Miguels passion and mission is clear: “Making sure the body never limits what anyone can achieve in their career and life, whether keeping focus after a long day of meetings, overcoming injuries, chronic disease or increasing longevity.”

Katrine Nørgaard

PhD in Natural Science, Biomedicine and Genetics
Katrine is passionate about training and physiology and has extensive experience with testing and coaching athletes. Her main focus is how hormones  influences training, recovery and performance.

Mads Valentin Tærsbøl

Master in Exercise and Sports Science with focus on Elite and Sports
Mads is an elite middle-distance runner who has competed in the European Championships. Mads has extensive experience with physiological testing, high-performance coachingand how to apply the most optimal training for individuals and teams.

Ronni Højer

Consultant at Life-Hackers Org. TM
Ronni has over 25 years experience in performing on highest level in sports and as a serial entrepreneur. With an active career as a softball player, coach and umpire he knows first hand, what – and how much – it takes to be a high-performer. And stay on top.