how to hack into the super human potential

For top performers of the future who wants to be a step ahead:

  • Better endurance and stamina
  • Faster recovery
  • Less injury
  • Less stress physically and mentally
  • Better sleep
  • Peak at your A-game
  • Optimized performance.

– how to move from good to great?

Possibilities for improvement

How much more can a talented player actually be worth? For the teams results, sales value and overall investment? When an athlete is pushing themselves to edge on a daily basis, there is always a fine line for losing the grib in the matter of injury, burnout and underperformance.

Being a professional athlete takes not only talent, luck and a lot of effort. But even with a gifted talent there can be obstacles that will be impossible to overcome with even more training. Today we now have so much more evidence and science for finding even greater potential in even high performing people – but it takes a new approach to dive deeper in the human being and collaborate it with the experience we have.

Great advantage

In other words – this is truly your secret weapon to outperform your competitors!

Especially at this stage where most athletes are unaware of this opportunity to find the super human potential there is a great advantage to gain (why miss it).

Performance in sports is demanding for the body and mind. That is why we can be limited to a certain max – if we suffer from a burned out physic, repeated injuries, lack of motivation or poor results etc.

Our body is our engine that brings us to the goals we set, that takes us there and in the end defines the outcome.

Routine and willpower

Routine and willpower might be the drive for a short period of time, but will also be the limitation in the long run. Our body will run out of energy and we hit the wall!

For most people the challenge is that they do not know exactly what it is specifically they need, their exact demand – and therefore never gain access to those extra resources.

“If we are all different, why do we keep approaching everyone the same way?”

Secret lies in the genetics

One of the secrets is in the genetics. We all possess a unique string of code on exactly how our body responds to physical and mental pressure, how well and fast we recover, injuries in different ways, oxidative stress, optimized performance and endurance that all shows in the dispositions and choices we make. And the result will be more obstacles than expected if we do not perceive them right. The physical and psychic influence of these processes put together will allow you to optimize your performance – without overload or a burnout. In short – let your engine and chassis get a F1 tune up!!

This is the gain with a total optimization – the secret weapon of tomorrow’s game-changers!  Top athletes have already achieved huge outcome with this insight.

Life-Hackers optimization programTM is a concept that dives much deeper into high performance than any other program repeated for the last decades.

100 % individual plan

It´s a 100% individual plan build from the foundation of the DNA with obstacles, potential and power resources. When combined with how the mind works and understanding of the individual limitations – there is full access to the super human potentials.

We work solely from the principles of the individual approach, and we have chosen the best providers on the market for the lab tests used by clinicians around the globe, to make the result and quality the best possible for the individual.

“If we are not testing – we are guessing”

A 100% individual customized plan can help:

  • Better endurance and stamina
  • Faster recovery
  • Less injury
  • Less stress physically and mentally
  • Better sleep
  • Peak at your A-game
  • Optimized performance

Several world record athletes have already used some of the methods from this concept to excel at a higher level, such as Danish Stig Severinsen who hold a world record in free diving. Tour de France cyclists and now a growing number of European football (soccer) players.

The financial investment

The price is individual and depends on the specific needs for each athlete. Some needs more adjustment for their recovery and tools to improvement, some have a greater need for help to lower inflammation or physical exercises to avoid injuries, mental stress etc.

We customize each plan 100% individually to get the maximum output for the performance, avoiding injury and better performance.

The minimum base line for an individual is from $ 3000.-

However when we optimize on team based programs we have other prices.

Since our expertise is to target the specific need for the end result in mind, we want to make the further details in cooperation with you. In the end, this protocol will never be a waste of time or money – since there will always be a beneficial outcome.

The personal investment:

Obviously, time and focus will be required for reaching any improvement – like in any other adjustment.

But since we always work with high performers who rarely have plenty of time or energy left, we are aware of how to not make it an overload to the tight schedule, but rather to replace or refine the effective tools. However the best result comes from a dedicated commitment for reaching higher standards for ones own performance and can only be executed by the individual.

How do you know if this is the right investment for your team?

– you dont! Just like you never know if any other choice made is worth the effort, money and time.

But we do know, that since you want to get the best and most outcome of the chosen players, there is only wins to get from the Life Hacking limitless performance program. We also say so because we have seen it over and over again with the people we have worked with through the years.