Mads Valentin Tærsbøl

Master in Exercise and Sports Science with focus on Elite and Sports

Mads is an elite middle distance runner, who has competed in the European Championships, and are working towards competing in the Olympics 2024. As a young athlete he ran for a D1-level college in the US (EKU).

Mads has been coaching numerous high-level athletes within different sports, and has extensive experience with physiological testing, high-performance coaching, and how to apply the most optimal training for individuals and teams in order to maximize performance and avoid injuries.

Using advanced physiological testing, he gets a comprehensive picture of the individual athlete’s specific strengths and weaknesses. He uses this tool to structure the best training for the athlete in order to develop on the desired parameter as well as monitoring how each individual respond to the training. All this is to ensure maximal benefits and performance, and thereby get the most out of the individual and the team’s potential.

Cofounder and CEO at:


  • Cofounder and CEO at
  • Taekwondo coach for several years
  • Consultant for coaches within elitesports
  • Master in Exercise and Sports Science with focus on Elite Sports:
  • Elite middle distance runner – competed in the European Championships, European Team Championships, E-cups, Nordic championships and several other international competitions
  • Professional Running Coach
  • Running Coach in Adidas:
  • INSCYD Certified Coach:
  • Has been on numerous podcasts as an expert within the field of exercise, sports science and biohacking.