Ronni Højer

Consultant at Life Hackers Org. TM

Ronni has over 25 years experience in performing on highest level in sports and as a serial entrepreneur. With an active career as a player, coach, umpire and racing cars or running a business – he knows first hand, what and how much it takes and needs to be invested to be a high-performer and stay on top.

Ronnis vision is to help others in reaching the goals they seek. Provide them with the right tools and the right people to teach them – become their own best investment.


  • 15 years racing different Karting, Touring and Formula cars around Europe
  • 15 years plus competing at elite level as a player in Mens Fastpitch Softball
  • 10 years coaching elite level Fastpitch Softball
  • 10 years plus experience certified A-level Umpire  by ESF and ISF
  • 20 years plus Serial Entrepreneur